Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back in Boston

Much to our amazement, we didn't have to pay a penny in extra baggage fees, even though we had twice the allowed amount (and my back still hurts). I'm not sure if it was because Dan spoke to the check-in guy in Serbian, because I smiled cutely, or just because the guy was too stunned by how much baggage we had to think about charging us. At any rate, we're home with all our stuff and we didn't have to clean out the bank account to make it happen.

Since we got back we've been hanging out with family and friends, and I've been talking a lot. It really is great to be back around English all the time, to be able to make small talk with the grocery clerk or whatever. I think in some ways (despite all my English-speaking friends) I became slightly mute over the past ten months. It's very freeing to be back around my native language.

For those of you wondering about our first food indulgences, so far we've had Mexican, Japanese, American, and tonight we're going for Indian food with my dad.

The super-exciting news since our return is that I was awarded a fellowship for school, which means that my tuition is completely covered and I get a super job working on event programming and international programs. Doesn't that just sound like me?

So we're back and things are off to a fantastic start, although I already miss my gang of Serbian friends. Hello you guys!


Marija said...

Hello you too!
Congratulations on fellowship!!!
We miss you already!
Today we had presentation about trafficking at the AC, but nothing is the same when you are not here!

chandra said...

welcome back! We'll have to get together next time I'm in boston!

tell me more about the event planning (cuz that's what I do!)

Bg anon said...

Oh no, if you start showing off about the exotic variety of foods available to you I will scream. :)

But seriously I will continue to follow your trials and tribulations..

webman said...

puk'o blog (koliko vidim). Pozdrav iz Srbije!