Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last Day

Today is our last full day in Serbia. We'll spend the day packing and visiting friends. Tomorrow morning we head back to Boston. Of course, I'm sad to leave behind my friends and the life we've made here. I still remember returning to Serbia from a trip to Budapest and sighing with relief at the sounds of Serbian. I like that for a short time a language other than my own meant "home."

I'm also excited to get to Boston, see my family and friends, and get started with graduate school. Also looking forward to baseball and asian food.

Leaving Serbia does not mean the end of blogging, at least not right away. I'll keep it up when I get home to talk about reverse culture shock and all the weird things that happen to me in the States.


Gusztav pub guest said...

yes, please keep on blogging...
it was nice to read yr texts ,,,

it was not perfect, but still very good to find out what some americans think about Serbia...

I saw you in Gusztav pub /in Kragujevac/ somewhere in March this year/If I recall well/ and I am glad you had good time with ska music!

nice regards from Kragujevac,


Bg anon said...

Oh and another one bites the dust.
The English language blogoshpere in Serbia is becoming quite lonely. :(

All the best anyway. I'll drink a rakija for you tonight!